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Young stars going off the rails

by SupahAnnie (follow)
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It seems that whenever we watch the news or read a magazine there is another young rich and famous star that is in trouble with the police, facing court, attacking others or about to do jail time or doing a stint of community service. What is going on? Are there any young and decent role models left in the public eye anymore?

It doesn't matter if they had overnight stardom or if they were born into a famous family, they seem to have no respect for themselves, their image or the image they are sending out to their young, loyal and impressionable fans. They seem to forget that these fans are the ones that buy their merchandise, the ones that know every word of their songs, the ones that have taken the time to learn every step of their dance moves and who have been saving up their pocket money to attend their concert for months. These young fans are lying in bed at night wishing they were these stars! Wishing they too had more money than sense, more money than life experience. But what are they really teaching our young and impressionable tweens and teens?

Fans, people, concert, singing, noise, crowd
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Are they teaching them to obey and uphold the law? To treat others and themselves with respect? To use their own power to bring about positive change? To try their hardest and aim high in life? Unfortunately no, the way I see it, they are doing the opposite. Basically teaching that anyone with lots of money can do whatever they want, whenever they like all the while being waited on hand and foot. When did our heads get so big?

Fans, people, concert, singing, noise, crowd
White spotlights on jumping character by Stuart Miles source: freedigitalphotos.net

Why is this happening? Who is at fault? Is it the parents, the media, the entertainment and music industry? It seems to be a combination of all. These faces are constantly on our TV screens, heard on the radio and in newspapers and magazines. It is almost as if we are heroising them. Every day doctors and surgeons, police officers, scientists and fire fighters are saving lives, yet we are heroising this lot! Just because they can sing, dance or act, just because somehow in some way they are famous. Watch the news tonight and tell me how many doctors and surgeons you see on there compared to the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan?

I fondly remember worshipping the Backstreet Boys, All Saints, 5ive, Savage Garden and The Corrs in my teenage years. They were all about the music and performance and they weren't famous for wearing barely anything at all. We hardly even knew about their private lives! We didn't hear about stints in rehab, court dates, crazy hairdos or wearing meat as a dress.

As a Mum of a three year old son, I worry about what famous people will be around in his teenage years. Hopefully decent human beings with class, respect and talent not just famous parents, bad attitudes and a sense of entitlement.

Fans, people, concert, singing, noise, crowd
Pretty young girl enjoying music by Stock Images source: freedigitalphotos.net.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think there are any decent, young role models left?

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Thanks Ali's Wonderland. Yes that is true.
Great article SupahAnnie! I believe society have to take some of the responsibility here - if we continue to watch the trash talk, buy the magazines etc. We are just feeding the problem.
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